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It is recommended that the program begins with an overview of the college admissions process in a one-hour consultation. The student can then select services described below beginning as early as the spring semester freshman year to support the college process. Alternatively, the student can choose specific customized services on an hourly-rate basis.

Initial consultation:
      A one-hour general overview of the college  application process, including:
  • Review the application process for UC’s,  private 4-year colleges and community colleges.

  • Clarify student and family goals and priorities.

  • Gap year alternatives.

  • ACT/SAT and SAT subject tests information.

  • Common Application and other application platform information.

  • Fee credited to the comprehensive package if selected.

Comprehensive college package: Plan, advise & oversee


  • College plan & advisory package included.

  • Guidance on application strategies: early action, early decision, deferral.

  • Timeline assistance.

  • Organizational support.

  • Essay brainstorming and editing advice for all essays.

  • Review of applications.

  • Recommendation letter support.

  •  Unlimited meetings with the student and or parent during the application period. September 1st to January 8th (in person or video conferencing).

High school review & recommendation package: 9th & 10th grade


  • Review student academic record. 

  • ACT/SAT PSAT and Subject Area testing strategies.       

  • Advice on course selection.                 

  • Review areas of interest.   

  • Recommendations for extracurricular/summer activities.   

  • Answer questions about the college process and review strategies for 11 and 12th grade.   

  • Fee credited to the comprehensive package if selected.                                             


Essay intensive workshop: Offered in August & September
  • Two-day (8 total hours) intensive writing workshop for the UC essays and personal essay. 

  •  Brainstorm, write, edit, rewrite.

  • Critique students first and second drafts.


College plan & advisory package: 11th & 12 grade 
  • Review academic record. 

  • Recommendations for course selection.  

  • Testing/test prep recommendations (SAT/ACT, Subject tests).

  • Strategies to develop student's areas of interest (extracurricular/summer activities). 

  • Career planning with the student using assessment tools. 

  • College list preparation.                                       

  • Help student to prepare for college visits and interviews. 

  • Develop a life story/resume with the student.

  • Fee credited to the comprehensive package if selected.

Other areas of support: students and/or parent/guardian
  • Gap year options.

  • Artist portfolio applications.

  • Athlete application process.

  • Community College transfer to UC.

  • Career counseling.



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