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I support families in a variety of ways from answering questions for parents to supporting students with their college essays. Hand holding through the application process or building organization skills are two areas that I can be helpful to the applicant.


Sallie Bryan of College Consulting was an invaluable asset for us during the hectic college application process. We had interviewed a handful of people and she came in at a great price and with a wealth of knowledge. She really helped us look at our student as an individual and fine-tune the essay writing process. She was warm, personable and down to earth and her years as head of a private school really gave us a leg up on understanding what top tier colleges are looking for. Sallie did excellent work in helping my son edit his essay and provided encouragement during the process. She and our son also got along quite well. We still plan to work with her as needed once he starts college. We're really happy to have Sallie as an expert to refer to and highly recommend her consulting services.

Thanks so much, Sallie!


Kathy Pimpan

Albany parent

I hired Sallie because I knew she would create a calm and productive environment around the application process. She connected brilliantly with my son supporting him in the areas he needed. She gave me sound advice every step of the way and when she did not have an answer to a question did extensive research on the topic. I really appreciated her positive and joyful demeanor and her strong sense of integrity. It helped both my son and me get through this monumental process. We were already grateful for her expertise and compassion.  As it turns out that my son has just been admitted to several excellent schools that he'd like to go to we are also grateful at the successful outcome of working with Sallie!

Jodi Halpern MD, PhD

UC Berkeley School of Public Health


Sallie was so helpful and supportive of me while I completed my college applications. I felt like I had nothing to say for the essays, and she helped me to realize that I did, in fact, have something to share, and that I could use my own voice to express it. She helped me stay organized and gave me confidence. And I was able to get feedback and support from her both about the application details and my photography for the portfolio submission. 


Senior at Berkeley High School


I found the application process to be completely confusing and intimidating at first. Sallie led us over the threshold with such clear and empowering information, and then instilled in us the confidence to go for Lula's dream schools, which I had felt so uncertain about. She seemed to really 'get' Lula, and where her strengths lie and worked with her from there. And what do you know, Lula got accepted to her two top choices! I absolutely believe we would not have made it through the process the way we did without Sallie's support. 


Lula's parent

My mom was my college counselor and it made the process easy with very little stress. Her advice was great and she really listened to me. She supported me really well when I was writing my essays so that they represented who I am. I had never written this type of essay and it took time for me to find my voice. By the end, I had such a better sense of myself making the process far more than just filling out applications. 


Senior at Berkeley High School

I had the interesting perspective of being a student's parent and husband to Sallie while Thomas was going through the counseling and application process.  I was able to witness that this process was not only exploratory for Thomas but that Sallie was able to make it fun.  I did not expect this to go smoothly but through Sallie's guidance, Thomas developed a clear vision of the path that he wanted and Sallie was a partner to achieve that vision.  Thomas got in to his first choice, early decision and we all are very excited for his next chapter in life.


Husband of Sallie & Father of Thomas

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