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Let me put to use my 27 years of experience as a high school teacher, college athletic coach, outdoor educator, college counselor, and high school principal to assist you in finding the right school for you.

I offer a student-focused program based on academic interests, learning styles, and extracurricular passions to find the college with the programs and culture that best suits your style.

Educating and guiding the student and parents so they can navigate the complex application process with confidence. 

Working with students who have unique profiles. 


     * learning differences

     * elite athletes

     * health issues

     * gifted learners

     * artists

Building the application so that the admissions officers recognize the applicant's fit with the college.

Supporting the particular needs of each student.

Encouraging students to make the application process itself  a fulfilling experience that adds relevant skills and tools for a successful life as an independent adult in college and beyond.

                                               Helping students                                           find a school that will lead to a                                   successful career and fulfilling life.

Sallie works with students in the Bay Area and families in the US from her home office in Berkeley for in-person meetings and remotely through Google Meet.

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